About us

Wild Post – an organization created by ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. A volunteer organization capable of delivering everything necessary to the most difficult corners. Wild Post was officially founded and registered in June 2022. The actual date when we rallied and started our activities was during the first days of the full-scale invasion. Then, in emergency mode, confused and not understanding what to do and how correctly, we started working. We did what we could, searched, delivered, purchased, transported, planned, delved into contact databases, addressed urgent issues from the day before yesterday, and did not ignore alarms. Thus, our organization emerged along with our slogan-rule: “Find where there is – deliver where there is none” and accelerate the advent of peace on our land.

Today, we have a coherent structure, a good contact base, volunteers, and we help military units achieve maximum efficiency, provide for public catering points, shelters for the civilian population and medical facilities, deliver humanitarian aid, sometimes evacuate people, dogs, and cats. And we also perform a bunch of other tasks. But most importantly, what needs to be known – we are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. We are a team united by one goal, relentlessly striving towards it.