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18:32 24.01.2023

2023: Let’s start

Russians want everything and want to ruin our lives, but, as we have repeatedly said, they attacked the wrong country. We work, hold on and never stop helping our defenders.… Details

21:09 12.01.2023

Report for 10 months of the war

We report! Dyka Poshta, as an organization, was created in June 2022. But we started helping from the first days of a full-scale war. Confused, still not knowing how to… Details

18:24 28.12.2022

48 hours, >1600 km: food, blankets, a dog named Bakhmut, and Czech protein bars

2-4.12 Kyiv-Dnipro-Pavlograd-Pokrovsk-Olexandrivka-Kramatorsk-Slovyansk-Olexandrivka-Dobropillia-Kramatorsk-Druzhkivka-Kramatorsk-Dobropillia-Pokrovsk-Pavlograd-Kyiv. In addition, we drove about 500 km, accumulating bed linen, pillows, blankets, socks, underpants, curling irons, ovens (and a piece of homemade lard). And the good Czechs from… Details

18:24 29.11.2022

Cherkasy region

We could not do anything without the support that people give us. Cherkasy region is known not only for Koliiv region and Kholodnoyarsk Republic, but also for beautiful people who… Details

18:24 25.11.2022

German giant

(Sholz, what about help?) Russians want to take away our light, but we're tough guys. We do not give up and continue to fight for our freedom. So let's meet:… Details

18:25 19.11.2022

Tractor troops present.

Winter is coming and everyone is waiting for snow, so we are no exception. Until the first snow, we dig through piles of paper reports and through the archives. For… Details

18:33 09.11.2022

Military Recycling Fashion

Everyone is already used to our terricones made of potatoes and mountains of humanitarian help, but the world is changing and we are also not standing still. We are opening… Details

18:26 03.11.2022

Heavy equipment compressor for top secret guys

We were able to obtain and hand over a certain thing for grand purposes to "some very_secret_guys™. Well, a heavy-duty compressor is always needed. Thank you all and let's win… Details

18:26 25.10.2022

Humanitarian aid for the deoccupied Kharkiv region

Our people are beautiful and kind. We are not a nation that can stand aside when help is needed. And, of course, we couldn't help but brag about our debut… Details

18:33 24.10.2022

5 barrels for fuel for very_secret__boys in Mykolaiv

We bought and handed over to some very_secret_guys in Mykolaiv 5 barrels for fuel, crowbars, a metal grinder, rubber boots, nail cutters, and a rod for a metal detector. We… Details