48 hours, >1600 km: food, blankets, a dog named Bakhmut, and Czech protein bars



In addition, we drove about 500 km, accumulating bed linen, pillows, blankets, socks, underpants, curling irons, ovens (and a piece of homemade lard). And the good Czechs from NAFO sent nice energy bars.

The whole Renault Master of Goods.

It was delivered to Donetsk region, the main cargo was transferred to the hospital in Oleksandrivka, so that our boys would be a little warmer and more comfortable. We also delivered books, thanks to Ukrainian publishing houses.

We visited the guys from 5 OSHP, and fed them a little (and they gave us coffee and also fed us). We also visited the guys from 210 osb, and took the dog named Bakhmut from the front line to Kyiv.

The dog Bakhmut turned out to be a healthy seven-year-old male with dehydration, PTSD and social maladjustment.

Now we take care of him, but he still bites the doctors and us. We will also show a short video and story about him in a while.

We spent a whole day to rest.

The bus went to Kherson.

The filmed content is finally ready, despite the blackouts

The Dyka Poshta team is truly thankful for your help:

  • Antonina Zakharova and her Save Ukraine Team
  • To our friends from the Czech Republic: NAFO FELLA and Mr. Martin Imramovský
  • The church community of the village of Helmyaz of Zolotoni district and Mother Mary personally
  • To Ivanna and Khrystyna for the books
  • Special thanks to Mrs. Kshysia Fedorovych for 15 sets of bed linen

And all of you! Thank you for your trust and support, we are strong!

The number of requests has increased

And we need a looot

But who if not us?

We work, we help and hold on.

Everything will be Ukraine!