Report for two months

Hello everyone, it’s report time!

We started the period on May 1 with UAH 18173.46 in accounts, received UAH 493935.5 in donations in two months, spent UAH 4189761.26, and currently have a balance of UAH 22347.7.

As you can see, the volumes have fallen, but there are several reasons for this:

– The war continues, the economy is not very good;

– Our pick-up squad has become more autonomous and self-sufficient, therefore, this time, we did not take them into account;

– We learned how to find effectively from those who have it and take it… well, you get the idea (but money is still needed).

During these two months, expenses were recorded in the following areas:

1. Activities of the NGO – UAH 18,279.65

About 3k was eaten by our web-site and canisters – about the same 3k, most of it went to bags, nets, tape, boxes and all that is very necessary for packaging and logistics. We use it ourselves and help less prudent or more concerned volunteer organizations. I still had to get passports (because of roadblocks). And expenses for all kinds of bureaucracy – about 1k.

2. Bank services – UAH 781.

Privat bank wants his share, but he does his job well. It’s not as much as it could be.

3. Nova Poshta – UAH 6512.6

Kudos to Nova Poshta, it’s hard to even convey how cool these people are and how much they help the Armed Forces of Ukraine get all kinds of things they need on time and inexpensively. In place of the GS, I would give them a couple of boxes of medals and a couple of orders. Because the post office, which works SO well during the war, are heroes.

4. Fuel. UAH 39190.22

~650 liters, what do you say here. In addition to purchasing ourselves, we helped our colleagues quite significantly. There is also a drift in Pokrovsk, and several generators on the 95th, and tons of all sorts of food, a couple of tons of water, and a lot of different medicine from Tata Kepler and Nataliya Lelyukh. They delivered to A0222, they delivered to the border, and they delivered a defibrillator and turnstiles for dogs on 5ShP. It is difficult to list everything here.

5. Repair of cars for the Armed Forces – UAH 21,099.7

In general, there is much more, but I do not want to report for my money and the money taken from those unfortunates whom we lured into volunteers. We owe them a lot.

For 45OSB and OKPP, we have fixed several vehicle, and we are proud of that.

6.  Other purchases 403898.09 грн

This is honest work, and it is possible thanks to you and your donations. This is going to be a long post, stay tuned!

– 10 tents for 128 ORB.

– 4 small sapper shovels and 1000 bags for the 1st company of the 210th OSB.

– A box of repellents – so that mosquitoes fly to bite the Russian army, and not ours for 45 OSB.

– Scotch tape, markers, electric kettle, 2 electric plates, 1 x 10 l cauldron, 3 ladles, 6 knives, 1 colander, 9 soft bags for the 71st Yegerska. 60 American shovels for 72 OMBr and 112 OBrTrO.

– 4 tactical backpacks for 80 ODSHBr.

– 5 hooks for chainsaws and 31 plate carriers (in general, we brought more 10) for 93 OMBr.

– 2 chainsaws on A0222.

– 5 small mining shovels, 2 axes, 2 kg of nails, 5 American shovels, 1 sledgehammer, 2 hammers, 1 chainsaw – A4219.

– Electric kettles, 3 frying pans, a table – 9 pcs., 3 ladles, 3 spatulas, 5 large saucepans – 4 squad A7300.

– 9 camouflage nets 3x3m, 3 gas burners, 40 gas canisters, 2 helmets, 2 tactical backpacks, 2 pairs of summer army boots – for “Sturm”, marines. 1 thigh holster for 27 OBr.

– 1 set of DniproM Ultra tools, 1 battery-powered drill-screwdriver, 1 GoPro camera (to film burning Russian planes), 1 cool binoculars (not enough), 1 small drone – 58 OMPBr.

– 1500 polypropylene bags, 1 generator for an ambulance, 40 paint respirators with filters (for that infantry job you don’t want to know anything about), and a bunch of other stuff for 5SHP.

– Stationery for doctors, for marines, for organizing the work of warehouses with humanitarian workers in Irpin.

– 1 Blackview BV9800 Pro 6/128GB for a tank officer from Desna.

– 4 Motorolls t42 for the equipment of the checkpoint in the green zone

– 4 bulletproof vests and 4 sets of armor plates of the 4th class for “boys from the forest” somewhere in the east.

– Some hygiene products and household chemicals, cloth, food, and a little normal food from our friendly field kitchen – for guys from different parts in different hospitals.

– 3 helmets for Tata Kepler doctors.

– 3 helmets for random guys from the Armed Forces.

– 1 helmet for the Service of God.

– Another 500 bags somewhere near Mykolaiv…

In short, the apostle Peter, at the gates of paradise, will definitely weigh us all with half a bag of sins. Now the balance on the accounts is UAH 22,257. And we still have help requests for a million more.

Because we will write another 4 times longer thread, do you really want to read it?