Our work

21:11 03.11.2022

Winter equipment for our fighters.

Little by little, we are equipping the soldiers for the winter, using an individual approach. But this is another reminder that there is no such thing as a small help.… Details

21:12 29.10.2022

Antidrone gun

Gentlemen, it happened! The device (anti-drone/plasma gun/large gun) was handed over to the foreman from Denys' unit, the device will be placed "as it should" on balance and then it… Details

21:13 17.10.2022

Adventures of one car

Breakfast and lunch of the military (c) 5 ShP Also, we report: the car is working! Details

21:12 17.10.2022

Shovels for the 5th assault squad

We continue to send shovels somewhere in the direction of the 5th assault squad (well, not only shovels). Details

21:39 16.10.2022

The new life of UPS

We joined the initiative a little: A large number donated to us. Thank you! Soon these boys will get a second life and will help kill Russians. Details

21:27 15.10.2022


Do you remember when we collected 150k? The first starlink is paid. We are looking for a Mavic and will buy another Starlink Details

21:14 13.10.2022

Food sets

We collected 210 food kits in Kyiv and the Zolotonsky district, another 30 from the Zanovo fund, 70 from ETOS, 300 loaves of bread from Kyivkhlib, goods and oil -… Details

21:14 13.10.2022

Mavik + another starlink

Antidrone is still in production, mavik + starlin in the process of purchase/delivery. Details

20:20 06.10.2022


A few photos from the 5th assault squad with trailers, for which we collected money Details

20:22 11.09.2022


The wheelbarrow is already on the frontline Details