Our work

21:04 12.09.2023


Please spread as much as possible! A long time ago, until full-scale, Mr. Taras Kamnerez lived for himself in Kryvyi Rih and sharpened the stone, turning it into beauty. Today,… Details

20:31 03.03.2023

Stand for injectors

This is such a thing, it is needed for repairing high-pressure pumps. Almost 2 meters in height, and as much as 700 kg of weight Details

20:15 03.03.2023

Fuel Pumps

Dear community, we need your help! + 10 hryvnias! A stand for High Pressure Fuel Pumps is required for the 5OSHP repair brigade. The asking price is $4,000 for the… Details

20:16 28.02.2023

A pick-up for our repair brigade

Finally, the pick-up for our repair brigade is delivered to our repair base. The pickup went to the defect inspection, there we will see what to do with it next.… Details

21:05 15.01.2023

Chainsaw and ax

While you are helping us to collect money for a pickup. We bought and gave Vovk a chainsaw and an ax. Because it is necessary. So we continue to work Details

21:06 14.01.2023

Fundraising for the defenders of Bakhmut

A very important fundraising for the defenders of Bakhmut! Please prepare your 10 hryvnias and retweet! We need UAH 256,000 [~$7,000] for a car that meets the following requirements: good… Details

21:07 13.01.2023

Thermal imager for yeagers from the 71st brigade

And this is how we packed a thermal imager for yeagers from the 71st brigade. It is necessary to make people happy. For this thermal imager, I thank each of… Details

21:09 28.12.2022

Renault Master

The whole Renault Master. We delivered to the Donetsk region, and the main cargo was transferred to the hospital in Oleksandrivka so that our boys would be a little warmer… Details

21:10 11.12.2022

40 pairs of insulated rubber boots for 2 mpb 93 ombr

40 pairs of insulated rubber boots were delivered to 2 mpb 93 ombr. We are waiting for a video to report on the trip that took place last weekend. Details

20:17 23.11.2022

National Museum of the History of Ukraine

This is a 10-ton giant from Bremen. We organized the delivery of office equipment and exhibition equipment from the volunteers at the Focke-museum to the National Museum of the History… Details