Our work

20:23 10.09.2022

Wheelbarrow adventures and more

Do you remember how we fundraised for trailers, awnings, and a wheelbarrow for the 5 assault squad? So, the last of the Mohicans is delivered: the trailer and awnings, a… Details

20:26 02.09.2022

A drone for the PTO unit in the South

While we were fundraising for tents, we also collected from good people almost 250k of the 290 needed for a drone for the PTO unit in the South. We have… Details

20:26 02.09.2022

Tents for the 5th Assault squad

This day has come! We bought tents for the 5th assault squad! We report: It turned out to be even a couple of hundreds cheaper, so we will be able… Details

20:29 19.08.2022

Trailers again

So, we report: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated. You are incredible! The third trailer was received by us and taken away to be converted… Details

19:02 19.08.2022

Trailers: part 2

I'm sure you all remember our trailer buying adventures and we have a sequel for you. We report: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated. You… Details

20:29 12.08.2022

The things that bring death to Russians.

Aren't they pretty? Details

20:32 10.08.2022


Let me tell you about the trailers, because it's a story that made me personally very sad, and I was not the only one who was saddened by it. Details

20:34 29.07.2022

How we bought trailers

They tried to fool us, refuse to sell, try to cheat with the equipment, but finally! A little more expensive (almost 20k), but bought. The first, already ready and tested.… Details

20:35 14.07.2022

Fundraising for Mortar Battery 5 Assault Regiment

We need your help! We are opening a Fundraising for two-axle trailers for the mortar battery of the 5th assault regiment. You need two such things to quickly get away… Details

20:54 04.07.2022

Helping pets

A negative is a negative, but we work according to the plan. On Sunday, we went to Kotomistechka. Because cat therapy helps even volunteers. They brought 200 kg of filler… Details