Our work

20:55 28.06.2022

Drone for the 79th squad

Here is the drone that we purchased for the 79th squad. When the bro returns to frontline, there will be more promised photos and videos from it. Once again, we're… Details

20:57 08.06.2022

Armor time!

We report! Some armor reached the boys. We hope it won't come in handy, but dressing boys is sacred. Thanks to everyone involved, of course Details

20:58 27.05.2022

A useful phone for a tank officer

Dyka Poshta delivered the phone to the tanker officer. It differs from the smartphones we are used to and has a number of specific functions that will be useful for… Details

20:58 17.05.2022

200 kg of sausages and 200 loaves of bread for the “Sturm” marine battalion

200 kg of sausages and 200 loaves of bread were delivered to the battalion of marines "Sturm". Special thanks to Rodinna Sauváska for fruitful cooperation! Details

21:03 14.04.2022

Army boots

The photo report for today's Dyka Poshta was obtained by these top army boots from the US. We delivered them to the boys from the forest, yes, yes, to the… Details

21:05 08.04.2022

Dika Posta purchased dry rations

We report that Dika Poshta purchased dry food - 400 daily rations of DPNP15 and DPNP10. Kind volunteers took them to the Saltivka district, where they were handed over to:… Details